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Air pollution control

 The research activities concentrate on waste gas treatment and air pollution control of industrial plants. The group comprises extended experiences in the area of biological and thermal waste treatment as well as in chemical industry.

The air pollutants SO2, NOx, N2O, NH3, volatile organic hydrocarbons (VOC) and mercury (Hgmet und total Hg) are of main concern. The research is performed in lab scale and pilot plants  as well as industrial plants with modern portable measurement equipment.

Selected projects:

  • Determination      and reduction of diffuse liquid and gaseous emissions in the chemical and      petrochemical industry (UFOPLAN2000 and industrial projects)
  • Investigations      of Temperaturexkursionen in      SCR-DeNOx-/DeDioxin-Anlagen of      incinerations
  • Evaluation      and reduction of N2O-emissions
  • Comparative      assessment of VOC reducing technologies
  • Evaluation      of the long-term stability of De-NOx-catalysts
  • Developing      and testing of new biofilters
  • Optimisation      of waste gas treatment plants according to 30. BImSchV
  • Improving      of Hg- deposition (Quecksilberabscheidung) in waste gas

Experimental devices:

  • catalytic      off gas treatment  
  • thermal      waste gas treatment
  • biofilter      and washer


  • one      zone / multi zone tube furnaces (rohröfen) (up to 1200°C)
  • gas      mixing station to produce waste gas similar to industrial waste gas
  • Gas-analysers      (computer controlled for NO, NO2, CO, SO2, SF6)
  • NDIR-multi component process photometer MCS 100 (NH3, HCl, H2O, CO, N2O, CO2)
  • portable      analysis device for immission control (SO2, H2S,      NOx, O3, dust)
  • gas      chromatograph / mass detector equipped with thermodesorption and head      space analysis
  • continously      Hg-emission analysis for Hg(met) and total Hg